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16 Unique Halloween 2021 Games

If You Are looking Halloween 2021 Games For Your children Then Quotesoye.com Share In This Article 16 Unique Halloween 2021 Games For Your Kids.

Halloween is approaching and the whole family has no plans to have fun together? So parents, please refer to the 16 Extremely unique Halloween 2021 games below to have fun and share interesting experiences with your children!

Halloween 2021 Games
Halloween 2021 Games

Every year on October 31, the devil festival is held as an opportunity for everyone, every family to have fun and share warm moments together. Over time, Halloween is not only popular in Western countries but also spread to many other Asian countries, including India And Pakistan. And on this occasion, many Asian families also held reunions, reunions and presented interesting Halloween games with their children.

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Let’s Start Halloween 2021 Games Ideas

1. Brain Eating Contest Game

Participants will be blindfolded and asked by the organizers to quickly eat the “brain cake” in a coconut. The dish can be jelly, tofu decorated. Surely this dish has left an indelible impression on the participants.

Brain Eating Contest Game
Brain Eating Contest Game

2. Apple Snatching Game

Derived from the Celtic legend of being conquered by the Romans, the kid with the most apples will have good luck throughout the year. Although born a long time ago, but every Halloween season, many families organize “apple-snapping” to bring joy to children as well as bring moments of relaxation.

Apple Snatching Game
Apple Snatching Game

3. Pumpkin hunting Halloween game

Each family member will be provided with a bag or trolley to go hunting for pumpkins hidden in the garden. Whoever finds the most pumpkins wins. To increase the fun and excitement, families can completely combine organizing contests and competitions with each other.

Pumpkin hunting Halloween game
Pumpkin hunting Halloween game

4. Destroy the Pumpkin

Each child will be blindfolded with a cloth or mask before throwing a sponge at the board (pre-drawn with a pumpkin) to gradually erase the image. Although recently appeared, the Halloween game to destroy pumpkins is becoming more and more attractive because children can not only play with friends but also suitable to have fun with family and elderly grandparents.

Destroy the Pumpkin

5. Ghost bowling

Each child will use a small round object such as a handball to throw consecutively at “bowling ghosts” – bowling balls or rolls of paper towels that have been stacked, until they all fall to the floor. This is a game on Halloween night that is quite popular in many countries and to increase attractiveness, parents can accompany their children to decorate bowling ghosts for fun and attraction.

6. Bastard bat demon

Mom can play with bats – a symbol of Halloween such as coloring, painting, collage, or sewing bat costumes. This not only helps to exercise dexterity but also encourages the child’s creativity.

7. Halloween Spider Web Day Game

Let’s work together with your child to make handmade spider webs from twine, rope, or rope and then discuss with them about spider webs to stimulate their thinking and curiosity.

8. Poke the Pumpkin – New and exciting Halloween game

Make a big pumpkin out of plastic boxes and orange paper. Put candy or prizes in each of those small boxes and then cover the mouth of the box with colored paper. Finally, the parents let the child choose and poke their fingers into the gift.

9. Draw pumpkin decorations

Parents, let’s create fun and funny shapes with pumpkins – a famous symbol every Halloween to stimulate the baby’s creativity. The whole family gets together to decorate pumpkins and enjoy wonderful experiences together.

10. Halloween Mask

Test your child’s creativity with this ridiculous hiccup Halloween mask made from paper, fabric, cardboard, or clay. Assure mom that she will be very proud to show off her first achievement to you.

11. Telling ghost stories on Halloween night

Classic stories like Dracula or Frankenstein should be added as a unique condiment on Halloween for kids. Promise that your baby will be extremely excited about these strange experiences.

12. Masquerade Halloween Costumes

The costumes with many shapes and characters such as princesses, pirates, witches that are created by children’s small hands will be so interesting, right? The princess, the prince, or the funny pirates coming out of the comics will definitely bring a new breath to the family reunion party.

13. Pumpkin golf – Interesting “variation” for Halloween game

The plump, lovely pumpkins can be completely transformed into divine golf items for children. What’s better than having your kids tested their ingenuity and practice their talents to become world-class golfers’ parents?

14. The traditional Halloween game for candy or teasing

This Halloween game comes from the story of the Druids. When participating, children will be transformed into many characters and then go door to door knocking, saying “give me candy or be teased!” and kind neighbors will “treat them kindly” with candies and fruits in the hope of getting rid of the mischievous pranks of the little devils.

15. Blindfold makeup game

Participants will have 10 minutes to help their friends with the makeup. The rule is quite simple, the male friend will be blindfolded and the female friend is the one wearing makeup. The team that has an attractive and beautiful final product will be given a gift by the organizers.

16. The Last Meal Game

We have 11 food plates arranged in order: laksa leaves – yogurt – ginger – onions – egg coffee – chocolate candy dough – egg coffee – onions – ginger – yogurt – laksa leaves. The two players of the two teams will stand at the two ends of the table and eat quickly one by one with the rule that they can only use their mouths without using their hands and feet to get food. Just like that, the members of the two teams participated in the competition one by one. The team that eats faster will win.

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