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100+Jumma Mubarak Quotes, status and Greetings

Jumma Mubarak Quotes, Status and Greetings: On this Friday, wish your friends with these  100+ Jumma Mubarak Quotes Status that will certainly win your heart on every Jumma. Fridays of every week are considered Jumma Mubarak a holy day for all Muslims worldwide. The Muslim community spends Jumma by performing prayers, making generous donations, reciting the Quran, and listening to Hadiths. This special day holds great meaning for the pious, so it is important to greet other Muslims with 100+ Jumma Mubarak Quotes Dua. We must be thankful to Allah For such a blessed day. Jumma Mubarak images wth quotes

Unique 50+Jumma Mubarak Quotes And status

  1. All I wish that every Jummah prayer brings peace, joy, and forgiveness of Allah to all of your lives and strengthen the faith upon Him. Jumma Mubarak.
  2. Jumma Mubarak to you! May this day bring peace and serenity upon you.
  3. Happy Jumma to you! Seek forgiveness to Allah on this blessed day!
  4. From the little evildoing to enormous, may Allah pardon all of us on this valuable day and guide us in the right way. Jumma Mubarak to all.
  5. On the Jumma, all I pray that may you be blessed with the favors of Allah and your life is filled with good health, joy, love, and peace. Happy Friday.
  6. Happy Jummah. May Almighty endows His numerous favors on you and your family on every Friday!
  7. Jumma Mubarak to you and your family. May Allah always let our hearts and psyches ready for the supplication of Him and keep us grateful for all His favors.
  8. Dear friend, Jumma Mubarak to you and your family. Today is all about counting the blessings of life and expressing gratitude to Allah, so don’t miss the prayer!
  9. Happy Friday my friend. May you be blessed with peace of mind, good health and uncountable favors of Allah!
  10. Jumma Mubarak! Allah’s benevolence knows no boundary indeed, may He bless you!
  11. We are indeed fortunate to live until another Friday! Have a blessed Jumma!
  12. Jumma Mubarak to all of you. May Allah listen to our petitions and favor us this Friday by lessening all our troubles!
  13. “Whoever Read Surah Al Kahf On The Day Of Jummah, Will Have A Light That Will Shine From Him From One Friday To The Next. Jummah Mubarak”
  14. “Friday Is Near, Don’t Worry Dear, Clean Clothes Wear, Forget All The Fear, Eyes Shed The Tear, Enjoy The New Year.”
  15. “Thank You, Allah, For This Blessed Friday. Jumma Mubarak.” Jumma Mubarak Quotes photos
  16. “Friday Is The Balance Of The Week, Ramadan Is The Balance Of The Year And Hajj Is The Balance Of The Life.”
  17. “Pray Allah Almighty… And Show Some Faith & Dignity… Quran Be At Ur Side… Islam Giving U A Pride…. Sunnah Be A Light U… That Will Glow And Let U Do… All The Acts Make U Feel… Nothing But This Land Is Real…!! JUMMA MUBARAK!!”
  18. “The Best Gift You Can Give Someone Is Dua. Jummah Mubarak!”
  19. “When You Make Dua’a, It Is A Sign That Allah Loves You And Intended Good For You.”
  20. “May The Angels Protect You. May The Sadness Forget You. May Goodness Surround You. May Allah Always Bless You!”
  21. “Be Happy, Not Because Everything Is Good, But Because You Can See The Good Side Of Everything.”
  22. “Do You Best And Allah Will Do The Rest. Jummah Mubarak…”
  23. Jumma Mubarak to you and your family. May Allah always let our hearts and psyches ready for the supplication of Him and keep us grateful for all His favors.
  24. The most beloved deed to Allah is to make a Muslim happy. So, reply to me with a smile, please!
  25. Jumma is a special day for every Muslim. I hope this Jumma turns more special to you. May Allah (SWT) accept your prayers and grant your every single wish. Jumma Mubarak!
  26. Dear friend, I wish you a Happy Jumma and make sure spending this day by showing gratitude and in Allah’s worship. Jumma Mubarak.
  27. The word of testimony is a solid oath we take for our Lord promising a believer’s attitude during our entire life. Jummah Mubarak!
  28. On this holy day I pray to the Almighty that He keep you in His blessings and your every dream come true. Jumma Mubarak!
  29. Hey, this is a special Friday. Take preparation for the special Jumma prayer. Don’t forget to ask for your needs and deeds. May Allah (SWT) grant your wish! Jumma Mubarak!
  30. I have a wish for you, “May you be among the ones to receive the benefits and blessing of Jumma Prayers.” Jummah Mubarak. Jumma Mubarak Quotes pics
  31. Allah (SWT) doesn’t love aggressors, those who cross the line. Then, we must be constructive and unifying, not destructive and divisive. Jumma Mubarak!
  32. Come to Masjid early for the Jumu’ah Prayer and earn a bonus reward of as much as offering a camel. Jumma Mubarak!
  33. Jumma Mubarak to you dear, keep reciting the Quran more and more and pray to Allah for His mercy.
  34. Allah is our creator and He has created the entire world, we are blessed with his billions of blessings.
  35. May you have all the success, happiness, and joy in your life. That’s my prayer for you on this Jumma day, Jumma Mubarak to you, dear.
  36. O You who believe! when the call is proclaimed for Jummah (Friday Prayer), come fast to the remembrance of Allah. — Quran 62:9
  37. Once on a day of Jumma, the messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said “Allah the Almighty has made Jumma as the day of Eid” — Ibn Majah
  38. Either some people stop neglecting the Friday prayers, or Allah will seal their hearts and they will be among the heedless.  Abu Hurairah (Radi-Allahu Anhu)
  39. Do not choose the Friday night among all other nights for Qiyam (night vigil prayer,) and do not choose Friday among all other days for fasting except that one of you have accustomed to. — Abu Hurairah (Radi-Allahu Anhu)
  40. As Friday Shines in the heart of believers may you be among the ones who will receive the benefits and blessing of Friday Prayers. — Jummah Mubarak
  41. Oh, Allah forgives us all our sins, great and small, the first and the last, those that appear and those that are hidden. Make us among the pious one and grant us the pleasure in this world and hereafter, Jummah Barakah.
  42. To Allah belong the unseen (secrets) of the heavens and the earth and to Him goeth back every affair (for decision): then worship Him, and put thy trust in Him: and thy Lord is not unmindful of aught that ye do. Jummah Mubarak. Jumma Mubarak pics
  43. Oh, Allah! Control our Hearts while going astray, divert our thoughts from planning evils against others, assist us to defeat Satan, enrich us with iman, Health & Wealth, make us active in all aspect of Ibaadat (worship) and make our entire life beneficial to Islam & humanity. Ameen. Jumma’at Mufeedah.
  44. May Almighty Allah grant you peace, stability, prosperity, goodness, love, kindness and peace of mind. Juma’at Mufeedah.
  45. May Almighty Allah bless you, with whatever you know is the best for you. Watch over your family and keep them safe forever. Amin. Juma’at Mubarakah.
  46. Allah’s divine helps a person break all barriers and achieve that height which earlier seemed impossible to overcome. He will see you through. Juma’at Kareem.
  47. May Al-Rahman ease your affairs, may Al-Raheem soften your burden today and beyond. Juma’at Kareem.
  48. May Almighty Allah bless you, protects you, guides you, guard you, be with you, stand for you, comfort you, fight for you and may He never forsake you. Juma’at Mufeed.
  49. Only the privileged souls are able to witness today. Ours is not by our power but by the grace of Almighty ALLAH (SWT). Alhamdulillah, Jummah Kareem.
  50. May ALLAH (SWT) substitute our lacks with a surplus, our sadness with happiness, our fears with security, accept our act of worship and grant us Aljanna Firdausi. Amin. Juma’at Mubarak.

Best Jumma Mubarak Quotes And Greetings

  •  O Allah I call You to witness and You are sufficient a witness and I call to witness all your angels. the inhabitants of your heavens. the bearers of Your throne. that I bear witness that you are Allah: There is no god but You. You Alone.
  •  The Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said: “whoever hears the call to Friday prayer and he does not come, and he heart it again and does not come, and he hears it again and does not come, then Allah will put a seal over his heart and give him the heart of a hypocrite.”
  • Whoever reads Surah Al Kahf on the day of Jummah, will have a light that will shine from him from one Friday to the Next. Jummah Mubarak. Jummah Quotes Jummah Quotes Jummah Quotes.
  •  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) “Friday is the balance of the week, Ramadan is the balance of the year and Hajj is the balance of the life. – imam ibn Al-Qayyim ”
  •  The prophet (PBUH) said: “You do not do evil to those who do evil to you. But you deal with them with  Rabbana atina min ladunka rahmatan wahayyi lana min amrina rashadan.Jumma Mubarak photos
  • Our Lord, grant us from Yourself mercy and prepare for us, from our affair, right guidance. Jumah Mubarak.
  • 89. O Allah (SWT), Our Lord! Give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and defend us from the torment of the Fire. Jummah Mubarak.
  • . The love of Allah is the Power of the heart, The sustenance of the heart, The light of the heart” jummahMubarak.
  •  Fridays shine brighter than every other day. Do have a lovely Friday today… Jummah Mubarak.
  •  Sometimes what you wish for urself is not good for you, that’s why GOD won’t make it happen. Be patient  May Allah, On this blessed Friday grant us relief from anxiety and grief protect us from world distractions that take us away from you. Ameen. Jummah Mubarak.
  •  May this honourable day brings a great deal of satisfaction and favour everyone of us with his endowments. May Allah bless Everyone and give them all the happiness and success of Life. Ameen. Jummah Mubarak!!
  •  The greatest Jihad is to battle your own soul. To fight the evil within yourself. Jummah Mubarak.O our Lord, bestow wisdom on us, and join us with the righteous. Grant us an honorable mention in later generations. Place us among the inheritors of the Garden of Delight. Do not put us to shame on the Day when all shall be raised from the dead. Jummah Mubarak”.
  • Jummah Mubarak everyone! Insha’Allah you all have a blessed day.
  • Jummah is a wonderful day to pray, to love, to care, to smile, and to thank God for all the blessings we received. Jummah Mubarak!
  • May Allah protect our hearts from anything that will disrupt its peace. Jummah Mubarak.
  •  Show respect even to people who don’t deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours. #JummahMubarak. Jumma Mubarak pictures
  • Jummah Mubarak to very Muslims in the world may Allah always bless us (Ameen).
  • O Allah, forgive me all my sins, great and small, the first and the last, those that are apparent and those that are hidden. Jummah Mubarak!
  • A Muslim is the brother to a Muslim. He does not betray him, he does not lie to him, and nor does he fail him in times of difficulty. Jumma Mubarak!
  • Allah (SWT) is the One who favors us each drop of the water we drink and each bite of the food we eat.
  • Our task is to seek halal sustenance. It is not to forget that each blessing, each opportunity is entrusted to us by our Lord.
  • It is to be able to see both wealth and poverty as a test. Just as our Prophet SAW said, it is to be grateful by saying: “All praise and thanks be to Allah in all circumstances”. Have a blessed Jumaah!
  • Allah (SWT) is the healer of illnesses. He blesses the suffering with remedies. He is the help to the helpless, hope to the hopeless.
  • Our task is to never give the opportunity to those who want to exploit our beliefs, our sincerity, our feelings through our hardships and despair. Jumma Mubarak Images
  • It is to take refuge only in our Lord’s mercy. It is to place our trust in Him only. It is to endure illness and calamity with patience, fortitude and submission; knowing that they are trials for us. Jummah Mubarak!
  • Allah (SWT) is the sole owner of life and death. He is the One who gives life, and who is going to take it when the time comes.
  • Our Lord is going to revive us after we die. He is going to question us for our actions. He is going to give everyone what they exactly deserve. Our task is to stay true to our faith to the very last breath.
  • It is to make our life blessed with righteous deeds. It is to be ready for death and the day of judgment at all times. Jumma Mubarak!
  • Happiness, Prayers, Respect, and Love, All of those comes on the Friday, I request you to remember me in your Prayers.
  • Jumma Mubarak! Allah (SWT) knows what your silent heart wants, even if you don’t include it in your prayers.
  • He hears what your heart whispers. He may not give it to you now but someday, when you least expect it, things will happen in the best possible way. Jummah Mubarak my dear friends, sisters and brothers.
  • You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean itself does not become dirty. Jumma Mubarak!
  • Pray to Allah (SWT) sincerely believing it will be answered. Allah (SWT) does not respond to prayers from a frivolous and indifferent heart. Jumma Mubarak.

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